E M E R G E N C Y   D I A L  9 - 1 - 1

Life Members


Last Name First Name
Buonsanto Christian A
Chartoff Andrew C
Krivy Steven
Maida Bryce A
Monte Anthony V
Piccinich Anthony
Richter Kenneth
Umrichin Ethan
Umrichin Paul A
Last Name First Name
Chiappane William B
DeVito Robert P
Hroncich John C
Lyons Harold G
McCloskey John S
Mikatarian Kenneth H
Nicolich Charles G
Pascale John L
Porto George A
Puso Paul
Radoian John R
Richter Stephen A
Worner, Sr. Thomas L


Last Name First Name
Cheaz Frederico K
Dabbs John M
DiMatteo Daniel A
Klein John C
Peluso Patrizio A
Piccinich Steve
Piemonte Joseph F
Porto Thomas G
Radoian Mark E
Radoian Brian R
Richter Kyle S
Richter Chris M
Schader Jason N
Schader David B
Worner, Jr. Thomas C

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G a l l e r y

Fort Lee SSU (Special Services Unit)

Type: Special Services Unit (Ford 550)

Year: 2012

Fort Lee Squad 6

Type: Engine (Pierce Lance, 2000 GPM, 610 Gallon Water Tank)

Year: 2002

FL-4 (Fort Lee Engine 4)

Type: Engine (Pierce Lance, 1750 GPM, 500 Gallon Water Tank)

Year: 1989

From left to right: Lt. Klein, Capt. Peluso and Lt. DeVito, 


2016 Officers

​Battalion Chief: Richter, Chris 
Designation / Call Sign: FL-7

Captain: Peluso, Patrizio

Designation / Call Sign: 904

1st Lieutenant: DeVito, Robert

Designation / Call Sign: 804

2nd Lieutenant: Klein, John C.

Designation / Call Sign: 704

Engine Company 4

Address; 4 Brinkerhoff Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Phone: (201)-592-3605 (Non-Emergency)

# of Apparatus: 3